Research & Development

The firm at the R & D unit it has created within the firm’s structure has set up a professional team at least 30% of whom are capable to use computerized CAD software and specialized in carrying out researches in the fields of mechanical tools and benches, gun mechanisms, hydraulic, pneumatic, static, dynamic, metallurgy, ergonomic, efficiency, frame making and visual beauty. The firm in the same time, while taking R & D assistance from institutions such as Small and Medium Industry Development Organization, engages a significant place in the R&D activities by the sub-industry support.


Since its first establishment, the R & D which has achieved quite a few inventions and developments and implemented the majority of the patents it has had certified in many countries and used them in its products. The R & D section has committed itself to a target to design one model a year in the area of gun designing and has caught this target so far. The firm is saving 30% of its annual revenue for the R & D studies and meets this amount from its own income.